Episode 5

Symi, Santorini, Corinth

In this episode, we will take you to the beautiful Greek island of Symi, where the amphitheatrical harbour displays its distinctive neo classical architecture, very specific to this particular corner of the Aegean. Here we’ll recapture old memories, and cook the local delicacy - Symi shrimps.  

Our next stop is the extraordinary island of Santorini, where we will celebrate their famous tomatoes, grown in the rich volcanic soil.  Finally, we head northwest to the mouth of the Corinth canal - the location of one of our all-time favourite seafood restaurants in the Mediterranean. It’s called Kavos and is run by Pagona and her son, Tassos.


Symi Harbour

Simi 856 00, Greece
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Oia - Santorini

OIa 00, Oía 847 02, Greece
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Seafood Restuarant
Loutraki-Perachora 201 00
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Corinth Canal

Isthmia 200 10
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