Episode 3


In this episode, we sail all the way to southern Turkey to visit the picturesque village of Kaleköy in the Kekova area. 

We introduce you to a local family who run the Likya restaurant, and serve simple delicious Turkish food. We’ve known them for over 30 years, ever since we began sailing here. We also discover how the locals love the carob bean, and how they make a tasty, healthy syrup from it. Finally, we’ll introduce you to our friend Kadriye who cooks up a typical Turkish lunch, and one of her neighbours demonstrates how to make the local pancake called gözleme.


Likya Restoran

Kaleüçağız Mahallesi, Kalekoy, 07570 Demre/Antalya, Turkey
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The Castle

Simena Kalesi
Kaleüçağız Mahallesi, 07570 Demre/Antalya, Turkey
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Kekova Island

Underwater Ruins
07570 Kekova Adası/Demre/Antalya, Turkey
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Coordinates: 36°09’31.3"N 29°47'04.8"E
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Lazaraki’s Restaurant

Kastellorizo 851 11, Greece
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