Episode 1


In our first episode, you find us at a boatyard in the small fishing town of Chioggia - at the southern end of the Venice Lagoon, preparing the yacht for its voyage. We will show you around this lovely town, and introduce you to some of the colourful people we’ve come to know here over the years. Chioggia is the busiest fishing port on all of mainland Italy; we will take you to its fish markets, and meet a restaurateur in the kitchen of one of Chioggia’s finest restaurants to see the chefs cook some local specialties. We also go fishing with a father and son, who practice an ancient tradition of net and pole fishing on the Venetian Lagoon. They are called moecanti.


Fondamenta S. Domenico

30015 Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy
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El Gato

Corso del Popolo, 653, 30015 Chioggia VE, Italy
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Fronte Del Porto Bar & Restaurant

Fondamenta Canal Lombardo, 1429, 30015 Chioggia VE, Italy
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Artist Studio - Amedeo Signoretto

Palazzo Lisatti Mascheroni - Rione S. Andrea 911 - 30015 Chioggia (Ve)
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Fish Market

(Pescheria al minuto di Chioggia)
corso del 30015, Corso del Popolo, 1393, 30015 Chioggia VE, Italy
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Fruit, Veg & Artichokes

(Mother & Son)
Fondamenta Canal Vena
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(Ai Pescatori)
Via Busetti, 316, 30126 Pellestrina, Venezia VE, Italy
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