White asparagus with soft-boiled eggs

Ovi e Sparasi

Serves 1 (easily increases proportionately)


6 white asparagus spears

2 soft boiled eggs

3 tablespoons olive oil

1 teaspoon white wine vinegar 

Salt and pepper to taste 


1. Trim the woody ends off the asparagus spears and peel them. 

2. Bundle the spears together with string and put them into a pan of cold salted water and bring it to the boil then simmer until tender. When ready, wrap them in baking paper/foil and keep them warm. 

3. Soft boil 2 eggs and crush with a fork in a bowl. 

4. Add the pepper, olive oil and white wine vinegar. When combined, add a little salt to taste and keep warm. 

5. To serve lay the asparagus spears neatly on a plate and cover the tips with the boiled eggs.

"White asparagus can also be wonderful with a simple vinaigrette or a hollandaise sauce, but Renato’s take is simply delicious and has become legendary at the Cipriani in the spring."