Feta wrapped in Filo and Sesame seeds

Serves 1 


1 block feta cheese

1 sheet filo pastry

¼ cup white sesame seeds

1 teaspoon black sesame seeds 

2 pelargonium leaves (edible geranium leaves. Thyme is an acceptable alternative).  

1 bowl of water 

¼ cup sunflower oil, for shallow frying

Thyme honey for drizzling, to serve


1. Fold the filo pastry sheet in half and place the whole block of feta cheese in the middle of the end of the sheet, leaving an inch from the bottom. 

2. Finely chop the pelargonium and scatter over the filo and on the centre-line of the pastry. 

3. With a brush, paint the edges of the filo with water, then fold the edges in, and wrap the feta into it to make a parcel. 

4. Dip the parcel in a bowl of water then gently shake off the excess water. 

5. In a shallow tray, gently cover the wet feta parcel with the black & white sesame seeds. Allow the feta to rest, under a kitchen towel for half an hour. 

6. In a frying pan, heat the oil on a medium heat. Test the temperature by placing some sesame seeds in the oil, the seeds will start to ‘dance’ when the oil is at the right temperature. 

7. Place the parcel into the pan, frying slowly until the colour is blonde, not brown. 

8. Turn and repeat on the other side, the feta is ready when the pastry is blond on both sides. 

9. Serve on a plate, generously drizzled with honey and with a pelargonium (or thyme) leaf placed on top. 

"This makes a delicious individual starter. Using water to brush the pastry instead of butter or oil results in a much lighter, healthier dish."