Fish Cooked in Newspaper

Serves 2 


2 individually sized fish (or one large one if it was a good day’s catch!)

Fresh herbs

1 lemon

2 large sheets of newspaper (1 for each fish)

Salt and pepper


With your fish cleaned and gutted, season them with salt, pepper and herbs and stuff with lemon slices, wrap in newspaper, dunk each parcel in water ensuring each parcel is completely wet, pop on the BBQ (or into a hot oven) and cook until the newspaper is dry (roughly 20 minutes).

Serve this with Shepherd’s Salad  (Çoban Salatesı). 

"I have very fond memories of going trout fishing with my father, as a young girl growing up in Australia. He would wrap his catch in newspaper, wet it in the stream and then cook it on the BBQ just like this."