Visiting Rhodes

Lindos - Melenos

(Melenos Lindos Exclusive Suites)

Melenos is a boutique hotel just under the Acropolis, created by our friend Michali – a true Lindian. His vision was to pay homage to traditional Lindian architecture, with its Greek-Turkish fusion.

This restaurant is a favourite. Chef Gogo has an amazingly creative take on traditional Greek cuisine, and the view is quite simply breath-taking.

- N&P

Lindos - The Acropolis

This acropolis, dominating the village, features a temple dedicated to Athena and dating back to the 6th century BC. The outer fortifications were built by the knights of St John and later taken over by the Ottoman Turks.

As there are no cars in Lindos, it’s fun to take a donkey up through this almost biblical landscape to visit the acropolis and to view two of the most beautiful natural harbours in the Mediterranean.

- N&P

Lindos - Church of the Panaghia

This is the beautiful Byzantine church where we were married. It is situated in the heart of the village and the frescoes have recently been beautifully restored.

In order to marry here, I was baptised as a Greek Orthodox, and took the name Natalia. Of course, as there are no cars in the village, we rode away from the church on donkeys.

- N&P

Rhodes Old Town

The old town of Rhodes is one of the finest examples of mediaeval military architecture in Europe, and the oldest still inhabited.

Despite the crazy excesses of mass tourism, this is still an extraordinary place to wander, shop, have a meal, and get lost in its rich history.

- N&P

Taverna Platanos

In the centre of the village of Lachania you’ll find this wonderful traditional taverna, named for the giant plane tree which shades the square.

Delicious as the food may be, Greek taverna culture is as much about sharing a table and some wine with good friends – and letting time slow down.

- N&P

Rhode's harbour

The entrance to this harbour is believed to be where the Colossus of Rhodes stood – one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. 

Patrick and I met, married, and lived on Rhodes for 10 years, so sailing through these harbour gates is like coming home.

- N&P