Visiting French Riviera

Port of Saint Tropez

Once a humble fishing village, this is now a sophisticated little port on the French Riviera, popular with artists and made famous by Brigitte Bardot.

It’s a great place to shop and people-watch, check out the yachts and the art…. and try a delicious Tarte Tropezienne. 

- N&P

La Cave du Golfe

St Tropez

On the Place aux Herbes, the tiny market place just behind Sénéquier, this wine shop is owned and run by the charming and very enthusiastic Armel.

Where better to taste and buy the local wines – particularly the Provençale rosés with their very distinctive pale “gris” colour?

- N&P

La Fromagerie du Marché


On the same Place aux Herbes this gorgeous little fromagerie specialises in cheese embellishment.

My particular favourites are their brie stuffed with truffles, and their goats cheese with a variety of different toppings.

- N&P



This café on the harbour front is a SanTropez insititution, easily recognised by its distinctive all-red décor. It started as a patisserie on the square behind, specialising in nougat which they still make today.

We were once lucky enough, to stumble on them using an antique machine to wrap individual bite-sized pieces of nougat. Fascinating – and delicious.

- N&P

Le Club 55

Pampelonne Beach – Ramatuelle

Beautifully located on the sandy beach at Pampelone, a few kilometres west of St Tropez, it was founded in 1955 by the de Colmont family after a film crew mistook their al fresco dining area for a restaurant.

Tucked in the dunes just behind the beach, with its serene, pale Provençal blue theme, this place is as much about the setting as it is the food. Their crudités are legendary.

- N&P

Antibes Port

Port Vauban Antibes

Antibes Is one of the largest marinas in the Mediterranean and includes one of the world’s few dedicated super-yacht facilities. 

Here is where we first joined Barinia all those years ago, and we loved the area so much that we bought a house in the hills behind.

- N&P

St Paul de Vence

This is one of the oldest and best preserved  mediaeval walled towns on the French Riviera.

Everyone’s favourite village and, with the Maeght Foundation close by, a paradise for art-lovers

- N&P

La Colombe d’Or

St Paul de Vence

Opened in St Paul de Vence in 1920 this hotel/restaurant has an extraordinary collection of 20th century art, often acquired in exchanged for no more than a bed or a meal… taken by the likes of Picasso, Miró, Giacometti, César –  the list could go on and on..!

Sitting in the dining room enjoying your hors d’oeuvres, you can’t help being somewhat awed by the sheer weight of priceless art history hanging on the walls around you.

- N&P

Restuarant Les Arcade


This restaurant, on the Place des Arcades at the top of Biot village, has become a bit of an institution and is run by the Brothier family, specialising in traditional Provençale cuisine.

Marco with his gorgeous mother Mimi, now in her eighties, who still cooks tirelessly day in, day out, and is an absolute inspiration.

- N&P


Belonging to Patrick’s family, this vineyard is in the Var about 30 km inland of St Tropez. It was the site of the first allied landings in the liberation of France in 1944. 

It’s here that I was first welcomed by Patrick’s aunt into the true French way of life. We have many fond memories and still return regularly to stock up with wine from the cellars.

- N&P