Visiting Amalfi & Sestri Levante


All roads in Amalfi seem to lead to the Piazza del Duomo, watched over by the imposing St Andrew’s cathedral.

This is the land of lemons, bigger than you’ve ever seen. The most famous lemon product, of course, is Limoncello, but we strongly recommend sitting here in the square to enjoy the very local lemon speciality -  delizio al limone – a lemon and cream sponge cake.

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Sestri Levante

One of the lesser known gems on this Ligurian coast, it boasts two beautiful bays – the Bay of Silence to the south and the Bay of Fables to the north.

We spent a winter on this coast a few years ago and became captivated by this charming place, where you can have a drink or lunch on the beach, with your toes in the sand, virtually all year round.

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On the main street of Sestri Levante you’ll find several charming little food shops amongst the boutiques.

It’s always a joy to shop here in Sestri, particularly from these pretty boutique-style shops each specialising in fresh locally-sourced produce. 

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Cutta Cucca

This is an unpretentious little bar/restaurant beautifully situated on the Bay of Silence.  

Our friend Claudio, the chef, prepares delicious Ligurian classics using only ingredients sourced from what he calls ‘the nest’ – the immediate surrounding sea and countryside.

- N&P